Second Song

I’m only two weeks into the Musical Musings Mailing List, there is so much more music coming your way, I also intend to record some secret treats for the people who are showing there support so get involved. SIGN UP!


Well, sharing that first song felt quite good. Part of the reason it never developed into a part of the live set was that I didn’t have the desire or confidence to open up that personally to an audience, but doing it this way is actually quite enjoyable. I don’t have to look at people’s faces while I sing about rude things.

Anyway, the week has flown by and I am now writing about the second song I have sent you. I’ve decided to send you ‘Stay In Time’.

I actually first started playing solo when I just turned 16, but I quickly got wrapped up in punk bands and the fun of playing bass with a group of friends, so it completely vanished from my musical landscape until I was in my early 20’s. Although I can remember the music written when I was 16, resurrection those songs is an unlikely task, but you never know. Just writing about that time has made me pick the guitar up and try to remember them, so you may end up with one of them in your inbox soon enough!

‘Stay in Time’ was the second song I wrote after my extensive break from playing my acoustic guitar. The first song I expect will remain lost for the time being, as it fails to come back to the fingers and I don’t possess any recordings of it. This song however was bit of a mish-mash of inspiration. Each group of lines refer to different experiences, people and annoyances. The chorus tries to pull all those references together under one Idea. It’s a way of writing I have found myself doing occasionally, but not enjoyed afterwards. When a song has disconnected references throughout it, I don’t feel as much of an attachment to it once it’s done. That is pretty much the reason why this was lost from my set over time.

This was recorded with Luke Yates around June 2009, along with the other songs I was gigging at the time, for an EP I sold at gigs called ‘Set In Motion’. Luke started regularly joining me on Violin around this time. This was one of the key confidence boosting events for me. He is such a talented man, and having him add his skills to a few songs live, really gave me a boost. I wouldn’t be nearly as confident or keen on the solo stuff if it weren’t for his enthusiasm and involvement. I’m sure you’ll agree that his part in this song really makes it, and elevates the overall impact of the song.

Hope you like it.


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The First Song

I’m going to post on here, the messages that go out with my musical gifts to the ‘Musical Musings Mailing List’. This is to encourage people who stumble across these ramblings to sign up to the list and get the songs!

here is the first mail out:

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The aim of this is to give you all an insight into what has gone on through the creative process towards my debut album ’embers’. There is going to be songs, that at the time, I decided where not right for me for a number of reasons, I’ll explain them as they come.

So… song one. right… where to start? This song was recorded early 2010, as part of a demoing session. I had a bunch of songs that I hadn’t played live yet so I got Luke Yates to record em for me. I just did them all one take so its full of little muckups and things that at the time stopped me from sharing them with anyone. Until now! Anyone who writes music or indulges their creative side will be able to relate to the fact that it’s very easy to find inspiration for songs from personal relationships and situations. I wrote a bunch of songs around this time that pulled on heartache and mistakes and after sitting back from them and thinking about what direction I wanted to take things I realised I didn’t want to indulge that side. Carrying songs with me that were inspired by feelings for people that changed didn’t seem like a comfortable thing to take with me over the years, as the emotions attached can and did change a great deal. This song in perticular came from the feelings, or lack of feelings, that accompany that time between relationships when you make a few wrong decisions after a few too many drinks, you know what I mean. Anyway, I wasn’t proud of choices I had made and the way It made me feel, so on a perticular downer I penned this audible representation. propper chirpy stuff.

Any way thats the first one for you. Same time next week!

Please encourage other people you know who may like to see this project unfold to sign up to the mailing list

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The Musical Musing Mailing List… it’s quite fun to say that…. themusicalmusingmailinglist, try it.

So it’s about time I tried to engage people with a mixture of music and technology. Here is the plan

You sign up to my mailing list, then every week for the next three months, starting Monday the 18th i’ll send out a song from my big ol’ bag of recordings. some recent, some very old, it’s a big mixed bag from the last seven years. This is the only way you will hear a lot of these things. Half of the songs are songs that I never intended to release, but listening back I feel less critical of and would like you all to get an idea how things have developed. The first song will go out on Monday!

So go sign up!


The album and other goings on

It’s been a quiet time on the front line, but behind the scenes there has been plenty going on. Slowly getting close to finalising my album and when that is ready to unleash on you all, you will know about it!

I’ve decided to call it ‘Embers’
Initially chosen as a stand out word from a line in ‘The Railway Children’ it’s taken on more relevance and become more suited than first intended.

As a musician it very much feels like a time where I’m going through a transition. For the last decade I have been in a band called Random Hand full time. Which couldn’t be further from what I am creating with my solo stuff. Although that band is far from over, we have had to readjust the amount of time we can put into it for a myriad of reasons that I will not go into here. This has finally given me the time to indulge the part of myself that has been creating these songs and this album. Which in the scheme of things and with regards to myself and what I will spend the next ten years doing musically is still a very unknown quantity.

It’s this transition and change that ‘Embers’ feels like a perfect metaphor for. If the last ten years has been a burning fire, now is the embers from that fire, that hold the potential to be stoked and fuelled to become something with just as much force and power as the last fire and by that same token the embers have just as much chance to be doused and stamped leaving room for a completely new beginning.

How it pans out is yet to be seen and there are no delusion from the fact that the later is just as possible. As soon as the final mixes are decided on, some fruits of my work should appear, and you can judge for yourself. Thank you for showing interest at this stage and following the process.

If you are in the area I’m playing in support of Roger Davies, at the Exchange arts centre, Keighley, this Saturday!


Podcast available, from an interview about Myself and Random Hand

A week or two ago I went along to Phoenix FM in Halifax to perform and talk about my solo stuff and the world of Random Hand. It was a great few hours and lots of fun was had! Thanks to Luke and Steve, let’s not leave it three years!

Please have a listen 

Some old recordings for you

Here is a collection of old recordings. The first three where recorded by me and a good friend, Kurt Wood, about 18 months ago at my home at the time, in Oakworth. The following two where recorded just over a year ago for a local radio session I did in Bradford at BCB radio.

All of these songs have been re-recorded and arranged for the album I have been working on for the last month or so.

The Site Begins

it’s about time I set up a site that was purely aimed at my music and ramblings. Right now its a very basic word press set up, but I hope to expand it over the next few weeks/months to something that will serve as a central hub for all the going on in the world of ME.

At present I’m working on the finishing touches of my album. there really isn’t much left to record but knowing the current state of play it will probably take another month or so. But rest assured that I’m very happy with the results so far.