’embers’ so far

’embers’ is still available to listen to and pre-order from my bandcamp page, joetilston.bandcamp.com

However over the next few days the way it is available is likely to change. I am meeting with a record label to discuss the possibility of them releasing ’embers’ if all is agreed I will have to make it unavailable digitally for a while, so the only people that will have it are those who have already purchased it digitally and/or pre-ordered the physical version. The early adopters will be treated to a yet undecided special gift, so get involved before it’s too late!

So this is basically your last chance to get hold of a copy of ’embers’ to listen to for a while. The exact details for what will happen need to be sorted out, and will be very soon.

here is a couple of reviews
“Truly breath-taking” 4/5 – Punktastic.com
“This is a unique and beautiful record.” 11/13 – roomthirteen.com
“He sounds less angry, like he’d been allowed to play outside more. I like it.” – 8 year old Elizabeth

Please share my album with people! it’s no use to anyone not being listened to.



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