’embers’ has landed!

Get a copy of ’embers’ here!

After months of sitting on my album, contemplating what to do and how to do it, I decided it just needed to be out there.

I was half hoping a suitable label would come along and make my job a little easier, but after a great deal of deliberation and unfruitful communication I decided that it just needed to get out into peoples ears and faces. It certainly wasn’t doing me any good sat on my computer waiting for someone else to tell me what to do with it.

I wont go on about it too much, but with the changes in recent years with the music industry, making a huge impact on the lives of people who have chosen careers within it, new ways to make things work on a financial and creative level are needed. What I have decided to do definitely suits my situation.

Without putting too much weight on you lot, this albums success needs you! I have no advertising budget or money to pay a press agent, I don’t want any hand outs, but I do want support from people who like what I do. Tell your friends about the album, share it on facebook and twitter, play it to a friend, encourage them to look at the packages I have made. Here are the packages…

embers‘ can be purchased for £6 for just a digital download, and will go towards helping cover the costs of making the album so far. People who are really wanting to help and also want the ‘real thing’ can purchase a copy for £10 which includes the digital download and pays towards the first pressing of the album. Once enough money has been made to pay for the pressing you will receive a signed copy with a personal thank you from me.

I have also set up a £200 option where you receive both of the above and a personal performance from me at your home, for you and anyone you’d like to invite. Maybe you and some friends fancy clubbing together to pay for a house show or something like that? Anyone considering this will make a huge difference to proceedings and push the speed of the whole process along a great deal! I’ll even thank you in the album art work!

I have had one review so far, from the lovely people at punktastic.com they gave it 4/5!

Please support independent music!

Get a copy of ’embers’ here!


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