Not just the mailing list this time!

How Do? Thought I’d have a bit of a ramble before posting this weeks Musical Musings Mailing List.

If by some freak of nature you have missed my spamming, the ‘MMML’ is a mailing list you can join and every week for the next month or so you will receive a free song from my archives of recordings and demo’s. You have already missed a few but you can get hold of the fourth instalment by clicking on the link later in this post!

The light at the end of the tunnel, that is the release of ’embers’ is definitely in sight now. although a date has not been set it is likely it will come in the next month or so. I have been discussing with a few gifted chums the possibilities of making some videos over the coming weeks, and I should have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen there in the next few days. whatever happens it’s all very exciting! So watch this space

Now for the MMML! If you are not signed up JUST BLOODY SIGN UP!

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here is what went out this week, you still have a few days to claim the song:

‘Soul Regret’ was written when my grandfather passed away. We were very close as I was growing up, so the year when he got ill was a really hard time. He’d had very high expectations for me, and really wanted me to go to university and follow in his engineering paths. At one point I thought I would too, but as the years went by I realised my calling wasn’t the RAF or being a civil engineer, It was the arts. This wasn’t really his ‘bag’. I further tried to appease the expectations by taking my studies to university but when things started getting really busy with the band and numerous other things at the time started happening, I decided that I was going to give up University. A fact I decided while he was on his deathbed. A fact that I knew would have disappointed him so much that I never told him.

This whole episode really did play havoc on the old ‘guilt box’ and still does. While in the real depths of the guilt I penned this. To say it helped is a massive understatement, while doing it I remembered tales that my grandad used to tell me about himself as a young man in the RAF, that my dad once called him out on being slight bends of the truth, which I remember being upsetting for him. The realisation that he wanted to appear as perfect to me as I did to him made me realise that we were more alike than the story on the surface would present. Music really is exceptionally therapeutic, isn’t it?

I hoped for the song to appear on the album ’embers’. However, when recording it it just didn’t click, and it wasn’t finished. I hope to record a new version soon as a B-side. The song is very much still a part of my set and I enjoy playing it still, unlike all of the other songs I have sent you so far!

This Version was part of the EP’s – Set In Motion/In Motion recorded by Luke Yates

Please encourage other people you know who may like to see this project unfold to sign up to the mailing list

Thanks again


Click here and sign up to the mailing list to receive a free song every week!  


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