The First Song

I’m going to post on here, the messages that go out with my musical gifts to the ‘Musical Musings Mailing List’. This is to encourage people who stumble across these ramblings to sign up to the list and get the songs!

here is the first mail out:

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The aim of this is to give you all an insight into what has gone on through the creative process towards my debut album ’embers’. There is going to be songs, that at the time, I decided where not right for me for a number of reasons, I’ll explain them as they come.

So… song one. right… where to start? This song was recorded early 2010, as part of a demoing session. I had a bunch of songs that I hadn’t played live yet so I got Luke Yates to record em for me. I just did them all one take so its full of little muckups and things that at the time stopped me from sharing them with anyone. Until now! Anyone who writes music or indulges their creative side will be able to relate to the fact that it’s very easy to find inspiration for songs from personal relationships and situations. I wrote a bunch of songs around this time that pulled on heartache and mistakes and after sitting back from them and thinking about what direction I wanted to take things I realised I didn’t want to indulge that side. Carrying songs with me that were inspired by feelings for people that changed didn’t seem like a comfortable thing to take with me over the years, as the emotions attached can and did change a great deal. This song in perticular came from the feelings, or lack of feelings, that accompany that time between relationships when you make a few wrong decisions after a few too many drinks, you know what I mean. Anyway, I wasn’t proud of choices I had made and the way It made me feel, so on a perticular downer I penned this audible representation. propper chirpy stuff.

Any way thats the first one for you. Same time next week!

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