The album and other goings on

It’s been a quiet time on the front line, but behind the scenes there has been plenty going on. Slowly getting close to finalising my album and when that is ready to unleash on you all, you will know about it!

I’ve decided to call it ‘Embers’
Initially chosen as a stand out word from a line in ‘The Railway Children’ it’s taken on more relevance and become more suited than first intended.

As a musician it very much feels like a time where I’m going through a transition. For the last decade I have been in a band called Random Hand full time. Which couldn’t be further from what I am creating with my solo stuff. Although that band is far from over, we have had to readjust the amount of time we can put into it for a myriad of reasons that I will not go into here. This has finally given me the time to indulge the part of myself that has been creating these songs and this album. Which in the scheme of things and with regards to myself and what I will spend the next ten years doing musically is still a very unknown quantity.

It’s this transition and change that ‘Embers’ feels like a perfect metaphor for. If the last ten years has been a burning fire, now is the embers from that fire, that hold the potential to be stoked and fuelled to become something with just as much force and power as the last fire and by that same token the embers have just as much chance to be doused and stamped leaving room for a completely new beginning.

How it pans out is yet to be seen and there are no delusion from the fact that the later is just as possible. As soon as the final mixes are decided on, some fruits of my work should appear, and you can judge for yourself. Thank you for showing interest at this stage and following the process.

If you are in the area I’m playing in support of Roger Davies, at the Exchange arts centre, Keighley, this Saturday!


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