Released Today!!

’embers’ out today

On Fellside Records

It’s been a long time coming, but embers is finally here for all to purchase, in its pressed and beautiful glory.

Here is a few things people had to say about it:
“He sounds less angry, like he’d been allowed to play outside more. I like it.” – Elizabeth, aged 8yrs
‘Impressively feisty folk-flavoured debut’ – fRoots Magazine.
‘A fine guitarist’ – Acoustic Magazine
‘Creative, unassuming and from the heart’ – 4/5 – 247 Mag
‘This is a unique and beautiful record’ – 11/13 – Room Thirteen
‘Truly breath-taking’ – 4/5 –

Please go grab a physical or digital copy from me directly at or bob over to the label

Alternatively you can grab it from iTunes


Pre-Orders up!

I’ve been pretty quiet on here, but lots has been happening!

My album is due for release through Fellside records at the end of February. It’s so good to be getting the support of such a prestigious label! So excited about seeing how things develop there.

So please visit and make a purchase of ’embers’ and it will be with you very soon!



’embers’ so far

’embers’ is still available to listen to and pre-order from my bandcamp page,

However over the next few days the way it is available is likely to change. I am meeting with a record label to discuss the possibility of them releasing ’embers’ if all is agreed I will have to make it unavailable digitally for a while, so the only people that will have it are those who have already purchased it digitally and/or pre-ordered the physical version. The early adopters will be treated to a yet undecided special gift, so get involved before it’s too late!

So this is basically your last chance to get hold of a copy of ’embers’ to listen to for a while. The exact details for what will happen need to be sorted out, and will be very soon.

here is a couple of reviews
“Truly breath-taking” 4/5 –
“This is a unique and beautiful record.” 11/13 –
“He sounds less angry, like he’d been allowed to play outside more. I like it.” – 8 year old Elizabeth

Please share my album with people! it’s no use to anyone not being listened to.


’embers’ has landed!

Get a copy of ’embers’ here!

After months of sitting on my album, contemplating what to do and how to do it, I decided it just needed to be out there.

I was half hoping a suitable label would come along and make my job a little easier, but after a great deal of deliberation and unfruitful communication I decided that it just needed to get out into peoples ears and faces. It certainly wasn’t doing me any good sat on my computer waiting for someone else to tell me what to do with it.

I wont go on about it too much, but with the changes in recent years with the music industry, making a huge impact on the lives of people who have chosen careers within it, new ways to make things work on a financial and creative level are needed. What I have decided to do definitely suits my situation.

Without putting too much weight on you lot, this albums success needs you! I have no advertising budget or money to pay a press agent, I don’t want any hand outs, but I do want support from people who like what I do. Tell your friends about the album, share it on facebook and twitter, play it to a friend, encourage them to look at the packages I have made. Here are the packages…

embers‘ can be purchased for £6 for just a digital download, and will go towards helping cover the costs of making the album so far. People who are really wanting to help and also want the ‘real thing’ can purchase a copy for £10 which includes the digital download and pays towards the first pressing of the album. Once enough money has been made to pay for the pressing you will receive a signed copy with a personal thank you from me.

I have also set up a £200 option where you receive both of the above and a personal performance from me at your home, for you and anyone you’d like to invite. Maybe you and some friends fancy clubbing together to pay for a house show or something like that? Anyone considering this will make a huge difference to proceedings and push the speed of the whole process along a great deal! I’ll even thank you in the album art work!

I have had one review so far, from the lovely people at they gave it 4/5!

Please support independent music!

Get a copy of ’embers’ here!

Different Feet – Video!

Please check out the Video the made for me!

Different Feet was never intended as a single or anything, but a short song was needed to make the Video and they liked the Idea of this one. So I let them run with it. I’m sure you’ll agree they did a fantastic job! please share it

Click here -> Different Feet

Not just the mailing list this time!

How Do? Thought I’d have a bit of a ramble before posting this weeks Musical Musings Mailing List.

If by some freak of nature you have missed my spamming, the ‘MMML’ is a mailing list you can join and every week for the next month or so you will receive a free song from my archives of recordings and demo’s. You have already missed a few but you can get hold of the fourth instalment by clicking on the link later in this post!

The light at the end of the tunnel, that is the release of ’embers’ is definitely in sight now. although a date has not been set it is likely it will come in the next month or so. I have been discussing with a few gifted chums the possibilities of making some videos over the coming weeks, and I should have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen there in the next few days. whatever happens it’s all very exciting! So watch this space

Now for the MMML! If you are not signed up JUST BLOODY SIGN UP!

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here is what went out this week, you still have a few days to claim the song:

‘Soul Regret’ was written when my grandfather passed away. We were very close as I was growing up, so the year when he got ill was a really hard time. He’d had very high expectations for me, and really wanted me to go to university and follow in his engineering paths. At one point I thought I would too, but as the years went by I realised my calling wasn’t the RAF or being a civil engineer, It was the arts. This wasn’t really his ‘bag’. I further tried to appease the expectations by taking my studies to university but when things started getting really busy with the band and numerous other things at the time started happening, I decided that I was going to give up University. A fact I decided while he was on his deathbed. A fact that I knew would have disappointed him so much that I never told him.

This whole episode really did play havoc on the old ‘guilt box’ and still does. While in the real depths of the guilt I penned this. To say it helped is a massive understatement, while doing it I remembered tales that my grandad used to tell me about himself as a young man in the RAF, that my dad once called him out on being slight bends of the truth, which I remember being upsetting for him. The realisation that he wanted to appear as perfect to me as I did to him made me realise that we were more alike than the story on the surface would present. Music really is exceptionally therapeutic, isn’t it?

I hoped for the song to appear on the album ’embers’. However, when recording it it just didn’t click, and it wasn’t finished. I hope to record a new version soon as a B-side. The song is very much still a part of my set and I enjoy playing it still, unlike all of the other songs I have sent you so far!

This Version was part of the EP’s – Set In Motion/In Motion recorded by Luke Yates

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Thanks again


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MMML part 3!

Here is the third instalment of my Musical Musings Mailing List, this week I have provided two tracks after I accidentally sent the wrong one out to half of the list last week. So the rest of the list now have both tracks and a write up on the track.

Give this a read then sign up to hear the songs

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Thanks to all you lovely people who have signed up over the last week! The list is really starting to grow, which means so much to me. It’s getting very close to 100 people, when it tips over that point i’m going to record a cover for everyone and you will be the first to hear it!

Right when I sent the second mail out last week, I somehow managed to put the wrong link in the email. I’m a moron. So the early adopters of the list will already have the extra song ‘Ask Another’ in this email. Although i would have liked to send it out by itself, I think it would have been a boring week when I did, so I’ll talk about that song after I introduce this weeks song ‘Glass Of Wine’.

Every so often I like writing a simple strummy song and this just fell out one evening. The song was for my mum. She, for a number of reasons had taken her solo career off the priority list over the last decade and myself and my sister Martha both regularly discussed our frustration with this. Martha challenged her to races with the release of albums three times. Which she managed to win three times. Although I never officially challenged mum to musical combat, I did write this song to give her a kick up the arse, which I think was more than enough.  A simple straight forward song about things that we do that I love. Any way you’ll be happy to know that mum has beaten me in the unofficial race, and Martha with her fourth challenge. She even recorded Liza and Henry before I did! That is a serious beating she’s gone and given me.

Go give her a listen, and buy her new album

The song still hasn’t been played live. I’m unsure why, just don’t think that was why i wrote it.

Right… ‘Ask Another’. I write a lot of songs about friendship, it means a great deal to me. As it does to most people. I find it a more comfortable subject to write about than romance, as romance has a bigger chance of feeling awkward revisiting. The song is very straight forward, I’m questioning the friendships and relationships of the moment that can pass by over months weeks and years. It was written when I was 22 living with some of my best friends, it was such a fun but destructive time, all four of is in the house dropped out of Uni spent every penny on booze and had two years of great times. Great times that had some of the lowest points but never stopped being about us four being there for each other, will always look back on that time with rose tinted glasses and look forward to the next time we all let rip again.

Although this song was a live favorite for me and people watching at the time of its place in my set, I never felt it was finished and didn’t know where to go with it, so it was phased out. I imagine I’ll rectify that some time in the future.

‘Glass Of Wine’ was recorded in 2010 with Luke Yates along with a ton of other songs that I just wanted to bang down and listen back to. It was never intended for release, but I’m happy for you all to hear it.
‘Ask Another’ was recorded in June 2009 with Luke Yates for my first EP- ‘Set In Motion’

Till Next week!

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